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On The Money with Jerry and Nick Royer Podcast
Episode #47: The 6 Retirement Landmines
February 08, 2019 On The Money with Jerry and Nick Royer Show

In this weeks episode of the On The Money Podcast we will be discussing the 6 retirement landmines that can blow up your retirement. One thing we know for sure is the same knowledge that got you to retirement is likely not the same knowledge you need to get you through retirement.

In just 16 minutes Jerry and Nick will talk about:
 - The risk of having too much money in the market.
 - Are bonds really what you think and are they as safe as you believe?
 - Why you can’t just plan for the day you retire, but also have to plan for what life may be like when you hit your 80s too.
 - Why investing in certain things are poor for retirement and how to invest smartly for this time in your life.

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